Research Plans

For sessions with the Postdoctoral Teaching Fellows in Communication Arts & Sciences at Penn State (8/28/20, 9/14/18, 12/6/17)

Sample plans (will distribute on paper; please don’t circulate)

Some options

  • Decide on a period of time in relation to a large end goal, and then work backward (e.g. 1, 3, and/or 5 years).
  • Determine whether to focus plan on research or include teaching and service as well.
  • Set goals that are both long and short term; include under each goal concrete tasks (i.e. it’s easy to determine you either completed the task or not).
  • Note specific deadlines for each task and goal.
  • Develop monthly, weekly, semester, and “break” plans that are aligned with your 1-, 3-, and/or 5-year plans.
  • Check off completed tasks and goals on a regularized basis (e.g. end of each month).
  • Consider sharing plans with an accountability buddy and doing above check-ins together at planned intervals.
  • Revise goals and tasks as needed along the way.

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