CHI PD Series for Postdocs

Center for Humanities and Information Professional Development Series for Visiting Postdoctoral Fellows

1. Cultivating a Network of Mentors at Penn State and Beyond – Oct. 16, 2017, 3:30-5 p.m., 124 Sparks

Will map broader networks, beyond professional development series, and discuss importance of cultivating them in order to make most of postdoc. Will introduce various resources at Penn State and beyond (job market, research & teaching).

2. Preparing for Job Interviews – Nov. 2017

Faculty panelists from English and History will offer brief presentations focused on preparing for job interviews and then field questions.

3. Planning for Publications – Feb. 2018

Will discuss strategies for setting realistic publication goals as well as creating plans and developing writing habits to facilitate accomplishing those goals. Will include conversation about planning for larger projects such as first book manuscript. May include presentation by someone from university press.

4. Negotiating Teaching Challenges – March 2018

Speakers will facilitate workshop focused on common pedagogical challenges faced by postdocs and junior faculty.