My mentoring of postdoctoral fellows and graduate students includes the following, in addition to teaching graduate seminars, advising, and serving on thesis and dissertation committees:

CHI Professional Development Series. Hosted by the Center for Humanities & Information. Fall 2017 – present. Penn State University.

Research Plans. Invited talks with Postdoctoral Teaching Fellows in Communication Arts & Sciences. Dec. 2017, Sept. 2018. Penn State University.

Writing Habits: A Dissertation Group. Hosted by English Graduate Student Organization. Feb. 2016 – April 2017. Old Dominion University.

From Dissertation to Book Manuscript. Invited talk with Dissertation Bootcamp. July 20, 2016. Old Dominion University.

Publishing in Rhetoric and Composition. Invited talk with English Graduate Student Organization. Sept. 24, 2015. Old Dominion University.