I’m an assistant professor of rhetoric in Communication Arts and Sciences at Penn State, where I teach courses in rhetorical theory, archival methods, and LGBTQA public address. I also serve as an associate director of the Center for Humanities and Information.

My interdisciplinary scholarship bridges rhetoric, archives, and gender and sexuality studies. My first book project, Queering Rhetorical Education: Romantic Engagement in the Postal Age, is a queer history of epistolary rhetoric and instruction (under contract with the University of South Carolina Press). Research for the project led to the publication of “Queering ‘the language of the heart’: Romantic Letters, Genre Instruction, and Rhetorical Practice,” which was selected for the Rhetoric Society of America’s 2015 Charles Kneupper Award.

Research is under way for my second book project. Through an investigation of rhetorical practices by women teachers in same-sex romantic friendships, this project interrogates seductive notions of digital archives and information abundance. Also in my scholarship, I explore pedagogical engagements with digital archives.

In addition to the above essay in Rhetoric Society Quarterly, my work has appeared in College Composition and Communication (twice), College English, Journal of Basic Writing, Peitho, and Rhetoric Review.

My full CV is available here.


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